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About Dr. Kang

Dr. Thomas Kang is a private practice periodontist in Seattle, Washington.  He began his private practice journey in 2006 by opening a startup location in Federal Way, Washington while also serving as an itinerant periodontist travelling between multiple offices during the early part of his career. 

Dr. Kang's acumen as a practice owner has been developed through experience, executive training, and continuous self-assessment.  He subscribes to the CANI way of living.  He has built a three-location private practice over the last fifteen years and his practices generate over six million dollars in annual revenue.  Higher metrics of success include those of high employee satisfaction, employee retention, and employee engagement in fulfilment of the practice mission statement. 

Central to his philosophy as a doctor and entrepreneur is a desire to serve, create more value for patients, and strengthen relationship bonds by being genuinely concerned about the patient’s outcome.  Dr. Kang's training began at the University of Washington where he completed his undergraduate (BS) degree. He then attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and completed his clinical training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine where he received his specialty certificate in Periodontics.  Dr. Kang furthered his leadership and business training at the UW-Foster School of Business in their Executive Development Program. 

Dr. Kang is the co-founder of Vityl Management and takes a special interest in mentoring young and mid-career doctors who want to realize their potential as leaders, doctors, and business owners.

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